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The Reeducation of Remy LeBeau 256 - After the Wedding 6 (Paris)
Authors: vikingprincess and SciFiGrl47.
Setting: Fusion of X1/X2 and the 616 comics, plus a pinch of Evo!Verse
Characters: Rogue/Gambit
Overall Ratings/Warnings: Adult
Story Arc Summary: As Rogue and Remy jet off to Paris for their honeymoon, Shadowcat and the rest of the girls still in Vegas after the surprise wedding try to distract Wolverine from the loss of his favorite student, but their mischief has unintended consequences.
This Chapter: Dinner at the Eiffel Tower
Links: All prior chapters can be found here. If you're new to the story, fear not; you can take a look at A Reader's Guide to The Reeducation of Remy LeBeau. PLEASE DO NOT ARCHIVE.

Previously, in Paris:

"Ah'm terrible relieved Ah didn't hurt y'all, either, Remy. Ah just," Rogue started, her eyes searching his for any sign of damage.

Reassured, she went on. "Ah was so open, so completely open to y'all, incredibly relaxed an' happy, that your kiss shot everythin' you were feelin' and needin' right through me. Went a little crazy, Ah think. And if that's what y' feel every time we're together? Y' have the most control and restraint of anyone in the world, darlin'!"

Remy laughed, a full throated, joyful sound. "Sorry, chere," he choked out, "jus' imaginin' dis one's daddy's reaction t' dat turn o' phrase. Think de concept would be foreign to him." He cuddled her close, burying his face in her hair. "Was not complainin'," he said, firmly. "Love you. Love eveyrthin' you do. An' if you wanna maul dis one, you jus' say the word."

He leaned in and whispered in her ear, "An' chere? What you got, right den? Dat's how dis one feels all de damn time. Jus' keep it in mind."

Rogue shivered with atavistic delight, and murmured, "Ah most definitely will. In fact, Ah reckon it won't be out of my mind ever again!"

( After the Wedding 6 (Paris) )


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