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The Reeducation of Remy LeBeau 259 - After the Wedding 9 (Paris)
Authors: vikingprincess/[personal profile] vikingprincess and SciFiGrl47.
Setting: Fusion of X1/X2 and the 616 comics, plus a pinch of Evo!Verse
Characters: Rogue/Gambit, past Gambit/Genevieve, past Sabretooth, ensemble
Overall Ratings/Warnings: Adult - minor character death
Story Arc Summary: As Rogue and Remy jet off to Paris for their honeymoon, Shadowcat and the rest of the girls still in Vegas after the surprise wedding try to distract Wolverine from the loss of his favorite student, but their mischief has unintended consequences.
This Chapter: Rogue and Gambit visit Notre Dame. Some memories prey on Remy.
Links: All prior chapters can be found here. If you're new to the story, fear not; you can take a look at A Reader's Guide to The Reeducation of Remy LeBeau. PLEASE DO NOT ARCHIVE.

Previously, Paris:

Rogue smiled directly into Remy's eyes, her heels putting their faces nearly at a level. "So for me to put somethin' above dancin' with y'all, it has t' be downright astonishin', seein' as how there's so much wrapped up in dancin' with you, Remy-love."

"Maybe," he said, considering. "Maybe it's just dat what's better den somethin' else depends on what we're doin' at dat moment, yes? Right now, can't imagine anythin' better den holdin' you' hand, jus' like dis."

"Good point," Rogue agreed, letting her gloved thumb stroke his palm in a secret caress. "Love y' so much, Remy."

"Love you, too," he whispered, as if imparting a great secret. "C'mon, let's go be annoyin' Americans."

She leaned just enough to brush her lips over his, a fleeting touch filled with affection, and replied, "Suits me fine!"

( After the Wedding 9 (Paris) )


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